In Memorium – Noel Preston – My Credo

Olga has kindly shared these thoughts prepared by Noel.

  1. My CREDO is also a poem of GRATITUDE.
    Gratitude for LIFE and the JOY of being part of it all…..
    Gratitude for the influences that have shaped me and for the love of those who have nurtured me…..
    Gratitude for those epiphanies (some mystical, some public encounters, and some serious illnesses) which have been watershed points in my life’s journeys…..
  2. The CREED
    I believe….
    Together with all life forms and the ONE who is the ground of all being, I am part of a GREATER SELF. (“The everywhere God” to some, “the Ground of all Being” to others). As a human being I am one piece in this evolving WHOLE. The family of humanity is the primary community to which I belong, a Community that only flourishes in a culture that is eco-centric (not anthropo-centric). I acknowledge that other human beings may find the way toward union with the Greater Self on
    pathways different from mine. I am content to be known as a Christian if that signifies one who has been formed, and continues to be inspired, in the tradition which owes its origin to the life, teachings and death of Jesus.
    In the evolution of the Greater Self, Jesus of Nazareth is an extraordinary expression of humanity’s vocation to LOVE-AS-ACTION (grounded as he was in his relationship with the ONE he knew as “father”= abba.) When I contemplate life, the beauty of Earth and the glory of the COSMOS, I am aware of suffering, death and arbitrary destruction, but I am also conscious of mystery, compassion and redemptive
    purpose which are at the heart of the Greater Self. When I die, Love lives on and my self will merge into the heart of the Greater Self as do rivers into the sea.
    My life’s purpose is best expressed by contributing beneficially to the evolving Greater Self. This purpose is directed toward the sustenance of life in all its abundance. In this quest, Love-as-action in its diverse forms (compassion, tenderness, grace, fairness, justice, care of kin and ecological responsibility)
    is the supreme expression of my life’s vocation.
  3. EPI-LOGUE: living the Creed
    I also believe that how we live is more important than what we believe.
    Living this way is pursuing the pathway to eco-justice which requires caring for Planet Earth and all its life-forms; and promoting social justice in the human community. As human beings we are the cosmic custodians of compassion.
    (First drafted 15/3/2010; Revised 3/2/2020)


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