Does Australia need a religious freedom bill?

In the next few months the government will vote on a religious freedom bill. It’s been hugely controversial, and critics say instead of protecting vulnerable people, it could act as a licence for hate. David Marr and Paul Karp analyse how this bill could change Australia.

You can read David Marr’s opinion pieces on the right to expel gay children and Israel Folau’s sacking.

Paul Karp has written extensively on the Ruddock religious freedom review.

The Guardian provides independent editorials with open access journalism. See more and follow at: The Guardian.

If you only have time for a shorter summary go to: What will Australians be allowed to say and do?


1 thought on “Does Australia need a religious freedom bill?

  1. Michael Cranny

    Progressive Christians seem to be more in tune with Australian values of love and acceptance of the persecuted and marginalised in our society.
    We have embraced anti-discrimination laws and have accepted that the holy spirit blesses the lives of all who are open to receiving its joy in their lives.
    The proposed Religious Discrimination laws will weaken prorection of the human rights of say elderly lesbian women to aged care or the employment of a person because they are divorsed. This is because these laws over-ride existing anti-discrimination laws.
    The legislation is an entirely wrong minded response to the passing of a law that recognises marriage may occur between people of the same gender.
    This legislation risks creating divisions and pain.
    In India, Modi is likewise creating divisions and a furious backlash by legislating a second class status for Muslims.
    In China, Xi has caused a humanitarian disaster by treating all Muslims as potential terrorists in need of re-education in internment prisons.
    In the United States, Trump is appointing hundreds of federal judges that oppose abortion and support the conservative agenda of turning back historic human rights victories.
    From Morrisson’s recent trip to visit Trump, we see he is on the same page, and all the way with the Don.
    I urge all progressive Christians to make a submission to the public consultation and write to your local MP.
    Religious freedom in Australia will be healthier without these divisive laws.

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