Anticipation is building for the Common Dreams Conference in July

Dr Val Webb – theologian and author

I have been reading Matthew Fox’s “Order of the Sacred Earth” in preparation for Common Dreams in July in Sydney. He says:
“The forms of organised religion and education have become frozen and dinosaur like, unable to adapt, too large and waited down with canons and prescriptions of far too many bureaucracies. The result is that the joy of worship and the joy of living out one’s conscience get lost in the maze of rules called religion. Similarly, the joy of learning and the ecstasy that accompanies truth can get equally muffled by the institutionalisation we call education. Both dimensions of life require a simplification, simplification, simplification. Where has all the joy gone?”

The joy of life

2 thoughts on “Anticipation is building for the Common Dreams Conference in July

  1. Elizabeth Burns

    I think the UCA has turned the BoU into a concrete, inflexible document, which it was not meant to be. Instead of guiding us, it tries to constrain us. With the 42nd anniversary of the UCA, we have lost so much of the joy- along with people!

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