Accessing Progressive Texts at Trinity Library Brisbane

Trinity Theological Library serves the Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod, by supporting theological, ministerial, adult faith and chaplaincy education through Trinity College Queensland, Adelaide College of Divinity and Flinders University.

It resources the learning community that consists of students and staff of Trinity College Queensland and Adelaide College of Divinity and Flinders University, Queensland Synod staff, Uniting Church members throughout the Queensland Synod and guests.

The Library offers free membership to Uniting Church members throughout the Queensland Synod, as well as Raymont Residential College students and St Francis Theological College members. Members of the public are welcome to join on an annual membership basis (fees apply).

Through the generosity of Rodney Eivers (chair of UCFORUM), many progressive texts have been added to the library. Rodney continues to add more books on a regular basis. The current list of progressive texts is:

Webb, Val Testing Tradition and liberating theology
Hunt and Smith Why Weren’t we Told
Windross, Tony Thoughtful Guide to Faith
Flanigan, Martin Peter Kennedy
Jensen, Rod Two Small Books on Laypeople & Church
Lorraine Parkinson Made on Earth
Don Cupitt Ethics in the Last Days of Humanity
David Boulton The Trouble with God
Gretta Vosper With or Without God
Funk and Hooper The Five Gospels
Michael Morwood In Memory of Jesus
Webb Val In Defence of Doubt
John Spong Christianity Must Change or Die
Nigel Leaves Odyssey on the Sea of Faith
George Stuart Singing A New Song
Morwood Tomorrow’s Catholic
Heath, Emily Glorify
Crossan, John, Dominic How to Read the Bible and Still be a Christian
Taussig A New New Testament
Morwood God is Near
Mascord Faith Without Fear
Butler-Bass Diana Christianity After Religion
Morwood Faith, Hope and a Bird Called George
Robinson Honest to God
Bodycomb No Fixed Address
Smith & Hunt New Life – Rediscovering Faith
Robert Funk Honest to Jesus
Rex Hunt Against the Stream
MCNab Francis Discover a New Faith
Lloyd Geering Jesus Rediscovered
Preston, Noel Ethics, With or Without God
Dinah Livingstone This Life on Earth
Spong, John Jesus for the Non-Religious
Bodycomb Two Elephants in the Room
Macnab, Francis This Hungry Time


7 thoughts on “Accessing Progressive Texts at Trinity Library Brisbane

  1. Lorraine Parkinson

    Thank you Rodney Elvers, for adding these books.
    May I humbly suggest my other book, The World According to Jesus be added to the list?
    It is great that this list of books is available to Trinity students.

  2. Diane Randall

    I am not currently a Uniting Church member or resident in Queensland. I am very keen on reading articles and books that reflect a Progressive view of Christianity and the Bible. I live in a rural town, and a very small group of us here meet regularly, which is wonderful! But I would love to have access to some of these texts . I don’t suppose any are available for borrowing as eBooks?
    Or if you could consider including eBook borrowing from the library?
    I love accessing this Forum – thank you so much.

  3. Rodney Eivers

    For Lorraine:

    Good to hear from you, Lorraine. and very much encouraging to me that a writer as distinguished as you should subscribe to our UC Forum.
    Quite by coincidence I happened to have opened The World According to Jesus the other day and brought it with me to the Sunshine Coast for holiday reading. I have read it some years ago. I must say though that it was your later book “Made on Earth” which left the stronger impression. Made on Earth has been placed on the reading list of a dozen or so books which I specify for students applying for my scholarships which require applicants to write an essay on the topic “My response to progressive Christianity.

  4. Rodney Eivers

    For Lorraine
    Sorry, Lorraine, I missed responding to your specific question., I limit myself to two books for the Trinity library each month. The Word According to Jesus is on my list for the future but I don’t have my listing and time schedule with me at the moment to say when it will be presented.- but it will be.

  5. Rodney Eivers

    For Diane.
    Thanks, Diane I have referred your query to Deon Naude of the Trinity College Queensland library and I am hopeful that he will follow up your interest

  6. Deon

    Hi, Diane. And thank you to Rodney for informing me of your question here.

    Membership at Trinity Theological Library is open to the general public for a $60 annual fee. Anyone can give the library a call during office hours to arrange this. Contact details are on the library website at From there you can also access the catalogue.

    Unfortunately, there aren’t any electronic versions of the Rodney Eivers collection books available from the library at this time. However, the library can post out books to members anywhere in Australia, provided the member covers postage.

    I hope this helps! For a more speedy response, feel free to visit where you can find the library’s phone number and email address.

    Thanks for your query!

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