Progressive Baptist? Resourcing Ministry and Worship No.11

Is Hamilton Baptist Church in Newcastle, NSW our first known progressive Baptist Community?


“We seek to be a community in which people matter more than dogma or institution. We aim to value each other, celebrate each other’s joys, care for one another in difficult times, and spur one another on to be the people we were created to be..”


“We seek to be a community that embraces diversity in age, gender, sexuality, culture, and social status. Our congregation includes young and old, straight and gay, abled and disabled, and people of Anglo, Asian, and other backgrounds, each contributing uniquely to our community life.”

Are you a “Bible believing” church?

“Bible believing” is often shorthand for churches that have a very conservative outlook on social issues, fundamentalist approach to truth, claim that all their views are the clear teaching of the Bible, and see conformity to all those beliefs as the basis of their community life.

That is not the type of church you will find at Hamilton Baptist. We’re bound together by a common conviction that we want to be followers of Jesus and to love and support each other on that journey. We very much value and honour the Bible and look to the story it tells to enable us to understand who God is, who we are, and how we should live in this world. We recognise that interpreting the Bible is not always simple and that there is room for significant difference of opinion. We have also found that the values of the Biblical story, and particularly of Jesus, need to be applied afresh in every generation. Sometimes this means continuing past traditions and sometimes creating new traditions.


4 thoughts on “Progressive Baptist? Resourcing Ministry and Worship No.11

  1. Rodney Eivers

    Good one, Paul. This is going to be a revelation for a fundamentalist Baptist friend of mine who has been coming along to morning teas at our Uniting Church recently. He has been assuring me that there are no “progressive” Baptist churches in Australia.

    Hal Taussig in “A New Spiritual Home” tells that there is group of progressive Baptist congregations in the USA.

  2. Nathan

    Depends which state you are in for Baptist churches. Generally Vic will have more progressive churches. Brunswick, Ashburton, Collins St, St Kilda, Box Hill as broad examples in Melbourne. Canberra Baptist also.

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