Youth Justice Reform

One of our very active members has been working with the team at Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation group. Wayne Sanderson has this to say about the ANTaR Q presentation:

This will be an exceptional night with over 300 people present. A great opportunity to meet ANTaR Q supporters and First Peoples Elders – particularly those integral to Youth Justice reform in Queensland. In particular, we are honoured to have Mr Mick Gooda as special guest. Mick is a Gangulu man from Central Queensland.  He has worked as Social Justice Commissioner with the Australian Human Rights Commission; and more recently as Co-Commissioner in the Royal Commission into Youth Crime in the Northern Territory. In particular, Mick will address the  movement towards constitutional recognition of First Peoples and the Makarrata (treaty) momentum.

We are happy to recommend this event to our subscribers. Enquiries to Wayne (click on his name above).


1 thought on “Youth Justice Reform

  1. Ruben E Rosenrauch

    One of my concerns about the “liberal” Paradigm is that is liberal as long as is not challenge the absolutism of the private Property. When the absolutism of the private property is challenge, it reacts in the most violent way. Our aboriginal brothers have a constant experience on the theme.
    As part of the “liberal” paradigm: is the theological liberalism that is liberal in their interpretation of the scriptures and lifestyle of the people as long as the private economy of the church is not challenge.
    In my experience of someone that worked for a “liberal” orientated church: their economical interests supersided Christianity.
    Ruben Rosenrauch

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