Resourcing Progressive Ministry and Worship No. 7

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Stonnington Community Uniting Church

59 Burke Road
East Malvern VIC 3145

“As a community of faith we are more interested in:

  • exploring life than having the answers to life.
  • being fully human and celebrating the beauty, wonder and mystery of life.
  • valuing life, and every creature as a unique expression of the Divine Energy of life.
  • being companions on the way, listening, learning and helping each other in the journey of life.

Stonnington Community is:

  • A listening Church
  • A helping Church
  • A learning Church

We are a Christian Community committed to following the way of Jesus rather than following religious dogma.”


“Currently our community meets regularly on Sunday morning at 10.15 am.  Our gathering is traditional in style but contemporary in content. Our public services are a celebration of our experiences of God’s love and goodness to us.

We all come from different backgrounds and experiences of God. Each of us will interpret the foundations of our faith through different lenses. Some interpretations will be helpful while other interpretations may be a stumbling block to us living in the experience of the Divine loving presence. Each generation and community needs to interpret the heart and truths of the Christian life in its contemporary context. To this end we commit ourselves to an evolving liturgy and worship celebration that reflects our contemporary insights and discoveries.”


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  1. John Cranmer



    On Saturday February 16th at 3.00pm a gathering will be held at the Junction of the Murray-Darling Rivers at Junction Park, Wentworth, NSW for a Blessing Of The Rivers Ceremony.

    The action was sparked by South West Victorian dairy farmer, Rob Rowley’s simple idea to invite all faith groups, denominations, community groups and individuals across Australia, to stand in solidarity with the local river communities, Aboriginal people and other Australians and to send, or personally bring, a small bottle of water to the ceremony.

    Australians have been shocked by the disturbing scenes of a million fish dying in the Menindee Lakes in our inland river systems, the vanishing Darling River and blue green algal blooms.

    These rivers have a history of drought but locals are saying this is something more. This is the result of a history of bad decision-making, political failure and greed.

    The gathering is an opportunity for the local and broader Australian community to show symbolic support for our struggling communities along these rivers.

    Many other groups who can’t be present are holding similar ceremonies right across the country in solidarity, to raise consciousness and healing for the plight of this mighty River system, the key arteries of life that flow through this eastern region of our land.

    The Wentworth Lions Club are receiving bottles in the post from all over Australia and will transport them to the ceremony on Saturday. Bottles are arriving from as far away as Carnarvon in Western Australia and Cairns in Far North Queensland.

    Australia Post, Wentworth Shire Council and the Soundtrap Music Centre in Mildura, have also been supporting the event

    “We are gathering to offer prayer, engage in ritual and offer a glimmer of hope for all who depend on this system for life, health and livelihood, as we gather at the junction of two great river systems”, said Helen Nolen RSM. The Sisters of Mercy have been central to helping draw the event together.

    “It’s a simple, non-political gesture of good will that focuses attention on the significance of water to life”, said Rob Rowley.

    “We only have time for honesty. Our country has been calling out for help and we haven’t been listening”, said local Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Badger Bates. “It is a call to change and to act. Aboriginal people also need to have a voice in the decision making.”

    “We have to make difficult choices between the wealth we gain and the wealth we lose”, said singer songwriter Shane Howard of Goanna band fame. “It’s a wake up call to all Australians to take a hard look at what is happening to our rivers, to our country, to its people and to examine whether a drought has also crept into our hearts and souls”.

    Deb Bogenhuber, Executive Officer of the Mildura based co-op, ‘Food Next Door’, said “There is no formal or political organising body. It’s a simple community action, in good faith, acknowledging that we all have a responsibility to stand in unity, to respect and protect our rivers and our country.”

    Water bottles, well wrapped and sealed, can be sent via Australia Post to: The Lions Club, PO Box 1143, Mildura 3502

    Media Contact: Shane Howard – 043786357 –

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