A New Template for Religion ….

Following the posting of Michael Morwood’s New template for Religion on the Catholica blog a very healthy discussion followed. Following this discussion Michael posted a follow up summary of a set of core values.

Both make interesting reading.

  1. Michael Morwood’s New Template for Religion
  2. Michael Morwood’s Rethinking some of our core beliefs

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One thought on “A New Template for Religion ….

  1. Peter Marshall

    Recently I posted a reply to an article on this forum which included a personal story titled “The Wind Jesus and Me”. This story was subsequently shared with the West End Uniting folk on 18 November during the Sunday service. I asked that if my story were to be posted that this nor occur until November 25. Well I have just read Morwood’s piece on rethinking core beliefs and think it fitting that my story now be posted. Two reasons for this: firstly my views are very similar to those expressed by Morwood and my story comes from this way of thinking combined with an actual life experience, so it is an expression of a certain world view that we seem to share. Secondly, there was one core belief expressed by Michael that does not sit quite as well with me as the others, namely that in reference to GOD as mystery “This mystery is utterly beyond comprehension and beyond all human images and concepts”. This is not the way I view this mystery and if my story referred to above is posted, the reader may understand what I mean. However, to give a brief comment here, I would state that I don’t know anything that others don’t know and am still of the opinion that Jesus knew more than I currently do of this mystery we label as GOD. I think the issue for me is that I still have much to learn about this mystery in terms of how it came about. In fact I don’t ever expect to have a good grasp to this aspect of the mystery. This does not concern me. The part of the mystery that does concern me is how that mystery operates in the universe. Again my story, “The Wind Jesus and Me” speaks to this mystery. For me this story is just one example of many I can quote (a number are recorded and a few readers will have some knowledge of a few of them). It is through such experience and subsequent reflection and meditation over many years that I do not regard the mystery to be beyond human comprehension. I merely acknowledge that we have much yet to learn. Really connecting with the Jesus story, and much less of the doctrine and dogma has been immensely helpful to me in coming to grips with the mystery. If I arrive at erroneous conclusions about the mystery I am likewise unconcerned, for participating in the mystery fulfils 100% of my needs and requirements. If the editor of the UC forum has lost my story and would like it resent, that would be my privilege to do.
    Peter Marshall

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