Two great seminars with Glennis Johnston

Glennis Johnston is the author of “Turning Points of the Spirit” and Director of Fernbrook Lodge Retreat Centre, Dorrigo. She is an ordained UC Minister, and international volunteer and experienced counsellor. Creating considerable interest, is that she has also been the Spiritual Director of a multi-faith residential community in Melbourne.

  1. Caloundra Uniting Church – Saturday 29th September
  2. Buderim St Marks Anglican Church – Sunday 30th September

CALOUNDRA PROGRAM 9.30am Opening Session1 “Re-imagining God” ‘A view of God’ – finding a personal and meaningful understanding – exploring a little way into Process Theology
11.30am Session Two thru to 1.00pm “What does Worship mean from this New Perspective?” The difference between attending to God and worshipping
2.00pm Afternoon Session Three – thru to 3.30pm “Creative Transformation and our Beautiful Messy Lives”
—-Valuing imperfection and change within ourselves, and integrating our shadow side
—-What does creative transformation look like in our lives and how do we move towards it?

Where: Caloundra Uniting Church HALL, 56 Queen Street, Caloundra.
When: Saturday 29th September 2018 9.30am to 3.30pm
Cost: Fee $25 per person. (Lunch included) –Please note -Registration required for catering!
We encourage payment, after registering, by Direct Credit -Caloundra Uniting Church BSB 334-040 Account 5538-665-68
REGISTRATION: by 7pm Thursday 27th September. or Ph: 5492 4229: CONTACT: John Everall Ph.5492 4229; Margaret Landbeck Ph.5438 2789; Alison Green

BUDERIM PROGRAM Is there such a thing as ‘Christian values’? If so, where do they come from? Is it possible to reject the core doctrines of traditional Christianity and still be Christian? Is a progressive Christian spirituality different from a humanist spirituality?

More details:

Where: St Marks Anglican Church 7 Main Street, Buderim.

When: Sunday 30th September 3pm to 5pm.

Enquiries: Rev Deborah Bird

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