Good start for PCNQ Explorers Conversation Group

With about 30 people at our first session this morning kicking off the monthly gatherings of this group, we are very pleased with the enthusiasm and interest. Accompanied by a delicious morning tea at Merthyr Road Uniting Church the 90 minute session was never short of input from the group. A robust conversation around Professor Bessler’s recent seminar on the Platonic influence that shaped the Church brought out many threads for future discussions. We never made it to the second topic we hoped to talk about so that may be the focus next month – The Three Quests for the Historical Jesus. Good to have people from other groups join us.

Next gathering – 10am on 26th September.

Paul Inglis 29th August 2018.


3 thoughts on “Good start for PCNQ Explorers Conversation Group

  1. Rosy Stirling

    Enjoyed this morning very much. Many varied opinions and ideas. Listening to others views certinally helps me evaluate my perspective. I learnt a lot from others.

  2. Allan McKechnie

    Great to hear you are off to a good start.
    Our group in Albany (WA), has been meeting weekly, almost continuously, for some ten years now and we never seem to run out of topics or discussion on them.

    We sometimes use a video as our basis for discussion but most times we find a relevant paper or topic;
    these start off the discussion which then normally ranges far and wide with plenty of input( and often laughter).

  3. Paul Inglis Post author

    Thanks Allan. Lots of ideas floated today about ways to go. A very enthusiastic group. Actually Explorers groups here have been going for a couple of decades. The UCFORUM was surprised to discover we had been operating for 17 years! The PCNQ is an attempt to have an ‘outside church’ progressive Christian organisation in every State. Many members are not church goers and some are distinctly never going to relate to the Church. Others hold onto the fellowship of their congregations and live in hope of big changes before the institution disappears!

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