Redcliffe Explorers – assisted dying and euthenasia

Hello Everyone

The Redcliffe Explorers will meet next on Monday night 6th August at Azure Blue (Anzac Avenue Redcliffe), to discuss some of the contentious issues associated with assisted dying and euthanasia. We’ll be looking at the similarities and differences between three cases – the Last Cab to Darwin story, the final communication from our dear friend and Explorers supporter David Judd, and Prof. David Goodall’s life-ending trip to Switzerland at age 104. As usual we start at 6:30 for tea/coffee and a chat, and of course all are welcome. Call Ian on 3284 3688 or 0401 513 723 for details, particularly if you’re new to our Explorers meetings.

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Ian Brown


1 thought on “Redcliffe Explorers – assisted dying and euthenasia

  1. paul wildman

    This makes sense however for an anarchist who deeply distrusts the Nation State and we see its incompetence everywhere in all the Royal Commissions we are having in Aust. In this structure we see controlled organ harvesting in China and other countries/nation states endorsed by the state – so euthanasia gives the state a big plus in organising same. A friend when in a coma for 6mths could not move and heard the doctor suggest to the nurse that the ventilator be switched off as this meant her organs could be harvested. You can talk to, and meet, this person. What a horrifying experience at the best of our blessed medical system in our beloved Nation State Australia.

    These are my concerns while supporting this in principle. ciao paul

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