Invitation: Caloundra Explorers

Dear Explorers and ‘Friends of the Explorers’

The next Explorers Group “Gathering” for August will be held on Sunday 19th August at 5.00pm in the Caloundra Uniting Church Hall ( 56 Queen Street Caloundra).

You are invited to join in the evening’s activities and the byo light food Community Shared Meal which forms part of the service.

Our theme for this Gathering poses the question  “ What have we learnt as Explorers?” to develop, and continue to challenge, our thinking and understanding of the Christian story.

Our Leaders offer a comment “it can safely be said Explorers are curious, inquisitive, even  ‘driven’ people, committed to discover meaningful answers to their questions”.

Are we??….. let’s find out how well we meet the challenges that have been, and continue to be, placed before us in the context of a ‘spiritual journey in the 21st century”.  There is sure to be quite a bit of interesting discussion of the Leaders’ presentation.

Come along:   rug up!;  and bring a small plate of finger food for our shared meal; I’m sure that you will enjoy the company of others who share very wide ranges of interest in exploring further their ‘spiritual journeys’ within a ‘progressive Christianity’ context.

Put it in your “I must do this” list!!  We’d love to see you!

Shalom,  John Everall

Caloundra Explorers Group

Faith And the Modern Era



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