SoFiA – One-Day Conference in Brisbane

One-day conference Gender Diversity: What, Who, How?

(in conjunction with the SoFiA AGM, see below) Sunday 17 June, 10.30am – 3.00pm Lecture Theatre, Watermall Level, Queensland Art Gallery South Bank, Brisbane –  Cost:  $20

What is gender and how does it differ from sex? Is gender diversity social engineering, or a fact of life? How can we respond when transgender people assert their personal and civil rights? How does this change human identity? How can we develop flourishing lives and relationships for us all?

Hear  – researchers in this field,  transgender people,  family and friends of transgender people

Understand – terms and concepts in gender diversity

Feel –  the experiences of gender-non-conforming    people.

More details in the March/April Bulletin or as below

To register:
Numbers are limited, so to ensure a seat register and pay online  ( Payment is also accepted at the event. Lunch will be available for purchase at the GOMA Café Bistro, State Library Café or QAG Café.

What is SoFiA?

The SoF movement started in 1984 as a response to Don Cupitt‘s book and television series, both titled Sea of Faith. Cupitt was educated in both science and theology at the University of Cambridge in the 1950s, and is a philosopher, theologian, Anglican priest, and former Dean of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  In the book and TV series, he surveyed western thinking about religion and charted a transition from traditional realist religion to the view that religion is simply a human creation.

The name Sea of Faith is taken from Matthew Arnold‘s nostalgic mid 19th century poem “Dover Beach“, in which the poet expresses regret that belief in a supernatural world is slowly slipping away; the “sea of faith” is withdrawing like the ebbing tide.

Following the television series, a small group of radical Christian clergy and laity began meeting to explore how they might promote this new understanding of religious faith. Starting with a mailing list of 143 sympathisers, they organised the first UK conference in 1988.[5] A second conference was held in the following year shortly after which the SoF Network was officially launched. Annual regional and national conferences have been key events of the network ever since.


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