Books by John Queripel

Thanks to Rex Hunt for drawing our attention to Australian writer John Queripel

John Henry Queripel is a minister of the Uniting Church in Australia, author, scholar, teacher musician and community activist. He has a concern for speaking and living faith in the modern context in a manner which has scholarly integrity yet is accessible to the average reader. He has worked in a wide range of contexts: urban and rural congregations, community-based ministries, university and correctional centre chaplaincies.His strong social justice concern has been recognised in his being awarded several community and civic awards. He also enjoys being out in the surf riding a Malibu.

Watch for a review soon as well as more details about each of his books.


Christmas: Myth, Magic and Legend.’ John has stock ($23 incl post) or order from Morning Star Publishing (Australia) or Wipf and Stock (USA).


• ISBN: 9780648232353
• ISBN: 9781498288088
• Pages: 144
• Publication Date: 20 February 2018



On the Third Day; Re-looking at the Resurrection‘, a study on the Easter events. John still has stock ($23 or order from Morning Star Publishing (Australia) or Wipf and Stock (USA).

• ISBN: 9781532619953
• ISBN: 9780987619365
• Pages: 136
• Publication Date: 7 April 2017



Bonhoeffer: Prophet and Martyr, a play and essay on the inspiring 20th century German theologian martyred for his opposition to the Nazi regime. John still has stock ($23 incl. post) or order from Wipf and Stock.

• ISBN: 9781498229609
• Pages: 114
• Publication Date: 17 January 2016



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