The UC FORUM’s Foundational Perspective

Looking at the formation of the UC Forum 10 years ago

Professor Rod Jensen, former chair of the Qld Ministerial Education Board and lifelong active layman in the Methodist and Uniting Churches, passed away on Sunday 23 August 2009.

Prof Jensen was an inspiration to many people who have wanted the church to engage more intentionally with contemporary society, to make appropriate adaptations and changes that would address the obvious fall in worship attendances and the aging of congregations.
After comprehensively researching ‘the problem’, he published his findings and reflections in Two Small Books on Laypeople and the Church in 2007. In essence, he called upon the laypeople of the Uniting Church to take responsibility for leading the church to position itself for a rapidly changing world.

He also challenged the clergy and leaders of the Christian church to come to terms with its decline in positive and effective ways. Many lay people heard this call and as soon as Rod’s book was released, they formed the Uniting Church Lay Forum (now UCFORUM, who under Rod’s leadership and encouragement identified the central themes for renewal of the Uniting Church as:
The need to present the Christian message in a manner consistent with the experience and insights of modern society. The need to appeal to the contemporary generations of younger groups. The need to eliminate the divisiveness of ideological splits in the church by the encouragement of diversity within and between congregations and in methods of ministry
The need to engage the laity in open and frank discussions of different theological developments and approaches to worship. The need to interpret the Christian message in the light of developments in modern science and technology. The need to cultivate spirituality rather than religion in our churches.

This enterprise had begun when Rod died in 2009 and Rod’s founding influence, commitment to working with all stakeholders in a supportive and sensitive way, his love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, his writing and research and indefatigable faith in humankind has sustained and inspired the Forum for a long time and continues to attract more members.

In Rod’s own words the nucleus and momentum for change must begin with us (the lay people of the church).  Thank you Rod for your friendship, knowledge and example.

Note: The UCFORUM has a broader membership these days with many ministers, retired ministers, former moderators, lay people, theologians, friends from other denominations and many who no longer attend any congregation.


2 thoughts on “The UC FORUM’s Foundational Perspective

  1. Dianne Jensen

    Thank you for these words acknowledging the work of my father Rod Jensen.
    Those who were part of the impassioned and thoughtful conversations on the back veranda of his house will recall his belief in the importance of an articulate and informed laity.
    As young teenagers we were expected to be able to defend our opinions and beliefs, whatever the subject, and he expected nothing less from church leaders and clergy when they preached or spoke on behalf of the church.
    Although my father left many legacies in terms of his academic and professional life, I know that he would consider the UCFORUM as one of the most significant.
    Dianne Jensen

  2. Paul Inglis Post author

    Di, I think he would be pleased that those same conversations are still happening every month and we often reflect on “What would Rod say?” on many topics. His influence is still happening! Paul

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