Caloundra Seminar: The idea of God is perfectly logical.

“The Idea of God is perfectly logical”

‘Elite culture sneers at belief, but it is no less believable than atheism.
‘ Weekend Australian’ : Article leader by Senior Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan – 28th/29th October 2017

All are welcome at the Caloundra Explorers’ examination of this idea on

SUNDAY 18th FEBRUARY at 5.30pm.

Venue: Caloundra Uniting Church

Enquiries or for more on the Sheridan article email John Everall.

“Philosophy, religion and theology are not topics usually aired in a major Australian newspaper. Thus Sheridan’s article, ‘Idea of God is perfectly logical’, is a rare exception to a general trend”.

“I take Sheridan’s challenge as a plea for serious intellectual thought, reflection, and cultural engagement. This requires enlightened leadership. It is pointless for clergy to hide behind their monologues. The one man band has had its day. Church members need to be treated as responsible adults who are able to set a collective church agenda and manage their own learning. It is a question of their ‘empowerment’ and taking responsibility for the christian agenda. I believe congregations sidestep this challenge at their peril!”

“Anyone raising awkward philosophical and religious questions is said to be overstepping the mark of what is acceptable. The demarcation line between the secular and the ‘non-material’ sphere is a fundamentally given! In contrast Sheridan believes philosophical and religious discourses have a valid place in the public domain and can elucidate the intellectual and cultural ‘concerns’ raised there.”

“Sheridan reminds his readers that there is more to living than the pursuit of pleasure. After all having a good time never lasts for long”. [Seminar leader]

For one critique of Sheridan’s argument go to: Online Opinion

The Explorers Group is set up to enable people to experience some of the challenge and intellectual stimulation available from the growing breadth of contemporary theology and emerging biblical scholarship. We get together to explore, discuss and debate within a safe, non-judgmental and structured environment, recently published writings and lectures from contemporary theologians, eminent scholars and others.


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