Asking the right question!

There has been a wonderful response to the key question we posed last week. The question obviously touched a chord. Now we have the task of going through all of the material and putting all the suggestions into a useful document.

It is not too late to add your thoughts on the question: What practical initiatives will help the Church become a significant part of society, give integrity to its work and attract new members as followers of Jesus?

Send your thoughts to: Paul Inglis

Responses have come from all parts of our progressive networks – theologians, senior clergy, lay people, individuals, writers, lecturers and groups. Clearly people take seriously the need for the progressive voice to be heard.


This question is posed at a time when many people are asking What is the future for the Church? 

Clearly we have many members who have given up on the church based on their experiences, but there are also many who are inspired by Jesus and see a future church as a great vehicle for presenting him authentically to the world.

There is now a good deal of urgency for a more practical focus by organisations like ours when trying to shift the agendas of faith communities towards informed, enlightened, contemporary and progressive teaching and activity.

Thank you for the rapid response and all the very practical ideas.  But your role in this exercise doesn’t stop there. We will be seeking your responses to the ideas as we develop an action plan of useful tools for encouraging the development of a more relevant church.

Stayed tuned…



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