Caloundra Explorers June ‘Gathering’ – an invitation


The ExploreExplorers Grouprs Group has altered the basic form and liturgy of what has been its “ Emerging Church Service of Worship” on the Third Sunday evening of each second Month to a new format – “A Gathering”. This allows a much greater flexibility for style and theme and particularly for a liturgy more appropriate to its underlying ‘progressive’ influence and the ‘journey’ preferences of its participants.  A meal, together with other discussion opportunities, now seem to be the favoured interactive segments in the evening’s format.   A ‘Theme’ has proved very popular.

We continue to attract participants from the Catholic Church and a growing number from many areas around the Coast and Hinterland. There is a demonstrated strong desire for spiritual refreshment and challenge from many ‘progressives’ whose home churches have not adequately kept pace with their personal spiritual development. Several have ceased contact with the church in their area.

June 18th  Jesus “Meek and Mild” or “Radical Political Activist”??     Christians and Politics! 

This Gathering will be led by Rev. Pieter Hoogendoorn with Anne Hoogendoorn.  It will be advertised as from 1st June to both ‘Friends of the Explorers’ and the congregation, and will be supported by the church website and listing on the UC Forum blog ( this is sourced by many who have no home church supporting progressives).  Highly topical, and quite challenging as to our ‘christian’ activity.

Enquiries: email John Everall

“Living the Questions” Project – 2017 thru 2018.

The Explorers have purchased the major Study and Outreach Program” Living the Questions 2.0” for $350, with $150 donated, and the balance to be recovered from registration fees during 2017/2018.  Quoting the Jacket Cover: “Living the Questions” is an open-minded alternative to studies that attempt to give participants all the answers. “Living the Questions” creates an environment where participants not only interact with one another in exploring the best of today’s theological thought, but strive to explore what’s next for Christianity. “  It comprises 21 sessions which can be offered in three segments of seven units. It is DVD based with extensive written study and support material. It is ‘quality’.

The Explorers are putting together a small team to develop a discussion paper on suitable approaches to its use in this Congregation, and possibly as a strong external outreach into the Caloundra District. It is suitable to small groups and classes, and also  has a retreat/seminar format. One approach has a two hour time frame covering the twenty minutes of video and incorporating a meal. Another possibility is a study/discussion period for a couple of months before Sunday Morning Church (8-9.10am); another is a full outreach in the style of the recent Anglican “Alpha” Course, with appropriate advertising(recoverable).  Two major issues are (i) leadership, and (ii) follow up support for newcomers within the Caloundra Uniting Church.

This is a major exercise requiring quite a strong commitment by Explorers, and potentially Church if a more innovative exploration of possibilities is undertaken.

“May we live in peace, with a smile on our face and love in our hearts for all humankind”

From Explorers Leaders – John Everall    May 13th 2017.


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