Two stimulating and challenging talks

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IndoNoel Prestonoroopilly Uniting Church at 74 Station Road, Indooroopilly will begin its Tuesday night series (7.30 – 9pm) of lectures and seminars this year with 2 stimulating and challenging talks by the esteemed Theologian and Ethicist, Rev. Dr. Noel Preston.

March 3 “Aussie values – fair go?”
Through story and particular social issues (including the vexed question of asylum seekers)  this session will examine the so called “Australian Way”, particularly whether that way is based on the idea of a “fair go”. We will briefly introduce questions of social justice, politics, ethics, religion and society.
March 10 “Twenty-first century spirituality”
Twenty-first century humanity faces enormous ethical and environmental challenges. This session examines the possibility of a spirituality and morality and reshaped role for religion (including Christianity) in this context.(Noel’s theological and spiritual journey from 1950s Methodism to beliefs and ethics shaped especially by contemporary ecological understandings will be the backdrop of this session).
Both sessions will provide opportunity for questions and discussion and will be followed by a supper for opportunity for further informal discussions. As usual, there is no charge and Speakers provide their services for free but donations into the “Red Bucket” are gratefully received to help with the costs of running this series and for the small gift for each Speaker.
Please feel free to send this email to your contacts.My apologies if you have received this information previously. If you wish to be removed from this email list, please send me an email.  If you know of anyone who does not receive my emails about these lectures/seminars and would like to, again let me know so that I add them to this email list.   More exciting lectures are planned for the rest of the year – come to some or come to all.

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