John Churcher’s 2015 Lenten Studies now available

Progressive Christianity Lent Course 2015

On the Edge

One again John Churcher has provided us with a set of excellent studies for Progressive Christians. These are available in PDF format.  To request a free copy, contact me at click here.


Week One:   Mark 1: 9 – 11 The baptism of Jesus: contradictory Gospel stories

Week Two:   Mark 8: 31 – 38 Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection

Week Three: John 2: 13 – 22 Jesus Cleanses the Temple: once or twice?

Week Four:   John 3:14 – 21 For God so loved the world: one of the most out of   context and misquoted verses in the whole of the Christian Testament

Week Five:   John 12:20 – 35 Passiontide and John’s Gospel


Permission to Speak is the ministry of retired Christian minister, John Churcher. It is an exploration of an emerging understanding of spirituality and of the sacred freed from the old ideas of an exclusive supernatural ‘god Being’somewhere ‘out there’.

Permission to Speak is pushing the boundaries of belief in an attempt to make the Jesus message more relevant in today’s fast changing and increasingly secular world.

Although the starting point is that Jesus of Nazareth is a gateway into the sacred, Permission to Speak respects and honours those who have found other gateways. The past in different faith traditions is important in understanding how we have arrived at the present, but Permission to Speak is more concerned with living in today’s world than with tradition. 


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