“Best Conference Ever!”

This is how Jeremy Greaves, Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee for Common Dreams 4, oplac-2016ened his debriefing with the planning committee yesterday.

The official review based on participant surveys will not be available for some time but there was a good feeling about this conference from the presenters and the participants.

The planning committee grabbed a brief moment during the clean-up to have a photo taken [Missing from the photo shoot are Noel Preston and Ingerid Meagher]

Go to:  Photos   for a photo album of ‘moments’ which will remind you of how well things went. This conference will have an enormous impact on developments in progressive spirituality and give participants and their networks a lot to reflect on and act on in the months ahead.

Some stats:

  • Over 400 participants including the parallel special program for Gen Y/Millennials, the Emerging Generations
  • The largest contingent came from Queensland which more than doubled its previous attendance figures
  • Multi-faith representation was good as well as presentations providing Muslim and Jewish progressive perspectives
  • New ground was broken with the incorporation of a “Dine About” at eight Southbank restaurants
  • The World premiere of the new video from Living the Questions – Let’s be Frank was presented in the lunch breaks – soon to be available free from their website.
  • The book signing by many of the authors present led to queues.
  • 700 lunch box meals provided by the wonderful catering team from Somerville House College; 1500 morning and afternoon teas served in the splendid courtyards.

Send me any of your personal reflections –  More feedback

Let the conversation continue!


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