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SoFiA lunch, AGM and Mini conference – South Brisbane

The Annual General Meeting of Sea of Faith in  Australia  will be held at South Brisbane at 2.00 pm on Saturday 25 June 2016. As it is 18 years since SoFiA was founded, we can say we have reached our majority. To recognise this, the AGM will be preceded by a celebratory lunch and two typical SoFiA sessions – a presentation by an outstanding speaker, and a more informal workshop. It will be a mini conference on the important current issue: Islam in Australia.

Venue: Verandah Room, Fox Hotel, South Brisbane,Saturday 25 June 2016

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The guest speaker, Faiza El Higzi, was born in the Sudan and trained as an architect. She has held a number of senior positions and is currently the Manager of the Romero Centre in Dutton Park, an agency of Mercy FaizaCommunity Services. Newly graduated, married and pregnant, she had to flee her native country and finally settled in Australia. Here, she has worked in a number of roles, including as senior policy advisor on multicultural issues. She has also become involved in a wide range of cultural areas, including health, cinema, sport and fashion. The brief she has accepted for this presentation –Islam in Australia in the 21st Century – is to consider some of the scenarios that may arise in the coming decades in response to religious and political movements and events throughout the world. You can hear her 2012 ABC interview with Richard Fidler here:



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