Seminars by Robin Meyers at Caloundra

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Rev Dr Robin Meyers

Caloundra Uniting Church,  56 Queen St, Caloundra

9.30am  Thursday  26th May 2016

Rev Robin Meyers, PhD – Author of “Saving Jesus from the Church” Robin Meyers is a best-selling author and a highly regarded speaker. He is the senior minister at the Mayflower Congregational (United Church of Christ) in Oklahoma and Professor of Social Justice at Oklahoma City University and a Fellow of the Jesus Seminar.Robin Meyers

  • 9:30 am::     Re-uniting Science and ReligionGod-Talk : How Quantum Physics is Redefining “Almighty

‘In this lecture, especially geared towards those who yearn for science and religion to be reunited in the quest for meaning, Dr. Meyers explores the impact of recent scientific discoveries about the nature of the universe on our understanding of God.  Instead of our traditional view of a clockwork universe, where the Whole is merely the sum of its parts, quantum physics ( and especially something called quantum entanglement) has challenged long-held views on our relationship to the material world, even as it has validated the essential and timeless message of religious mystics.’

12.15pm.   Enjoy discussion and your byo Picnic Lunch in Church Grounds-tea/coffee supplied. Take the opportunity to meet open-minded friendly people in a safe place.

  • 1:30 pm: Undone – faith as resistance to Empire – What Kind of Church would You find Irresistible: The (Christian?) Imperative for socio/political engagement.

This Seminar is hosted by Caloundra Uniting Church Social Justice Group and is for all      who are  interested in social justice within our community .

Quote Dr. Meyers“ It is a myth that the gospel of Jesus Christ can ever be personally redemptive without being socially responsible. If there is one distinction that is crucial for the future of the church it is this : charity and justice are not the same thing”.

Cost: $15 per session;       Pay only $25 for the 2 sessions;

Phone bookings and enquiries: Margaret Landbeck  Ph. 0402 851 422

Please Book Your Seat by Email    Tickets at Door.


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