Common Dreams 4 – program details


The website for Common Dreams now has the international conference program outline available for perusal. Shortly Eventbrite bookings will be open and there are significant benefits for early bird bookings. The conference runs from 16th to 19th September at Somerville House College, South Brisbane, near Lady Cilento Hospital.

More information about the speakers, topics, workshops and all of the program details will be posted soon on the CD site. A special parallel program for youthful participants is being offered with access to all keynote presentations for all people. We will keep you informed.

Thank you to the 37 volunteers (so far) who have offered their services to make this a great event. If you would like to be part of this team please drop me an email – Paul

Our Queensland local planning team has been on the job for two years and are very excited about what we have to offer. We look forward to welcoming visitors from all states and many from overseas. Included in the visitors will be a group of students from USA.

Hope to see you there ……


2 thoughts on “Common Dreams 4 – program details

  1. Garth Everson

    I would like to volunteer help with the Conference in some appropriate way for a 87 year old

  2. Paul Inglis Post author

    Thanks Garth. I will pass your offer on to our Volunteers organiser. She will be very pleased to get you involved in an appropriate way. Paul

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