‘Made on Earth’ by Lorraine Parkinson – now available

The latest from Dr Lorraine Parkinson.

For Australians and New Zealanders it is free of postage for $35 from Spectrum Publications.  The web site is www.spectrumpublications.com.au

Why have millions of Christians across two millennia been convinced that Jesus of Nazareth is the divinely anointed Christ?  Lorraine Parkinson sets out compelling reasons why the gospels may be found to have been ‘made on earth’. She builds a strong argument that each gospel was written to make a distinct case for Jesus as the Christ. She presents detailed evidence that the Christ of the gMade on Earth 1ospels is the creation of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, plus later editors. The sub-text of this book contends that by including teachings of Jesus alongside claims for him as Christ, gospel writers bequeathed to Christianity two contradictory gospels – the gospel of Jesus and the gospel about Jesus. There is both detailed and courageous biblical scholarship in Made on Earth.

Rev Rex A E Hunt, Founding Director, The Centre for Progressive Religious Thought, Canberra. Immediate Past Chair, Common Dreams Conference of Religious Progressives, Australia/New Zealand : At last! A book that helps its readers to see and understand how the Way of Jesus with its emphasis on this world, was wrong-footed into fixation on “the Christ” and the next world. There is no bigger challenge to Christianity today than to rid itself of this fixation and from creedal adherence to the worldview that shaped it. In this book Lorraine Parkinson provides us with the perfect follow-up to her previous work, The World According to Jesus: his blueprint for the best possible world.


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  1. Christine Secombe

    Lorraine Parkinson will be the guest at Morialta Uniting Church’s ‘Sunday Forum’, 11.15 am – 12.30 pm on Sunday 1st May. Light lunch to follow the forum.
    For catering purposes, please notify the Church office email office@morialtauca.org.au

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