Could you be a Common Dreams Conference Volunteer?

An invitation to progressive thinking peopleCDImage

With the fourth international Common Dreams Conference in Brisbane in September this year, we are now inviting people from Progressive Groups in SE Queensland to offer themselves as volunteers. Volunteers will be particularly important to the smooth running of the conference at Somerville House College, South Brisbane and we also need some assistance for our action teams that are now working on components of the action plan.

A vibrant committee has spent two years planning the conference and assisting Common Dreams Incorporated with the mounting of CD4. Now we have Teams responsible for:

  • Transport and Hospitality
  • IT Coordination
  • Registration management
  • Speaker Support and Stage Direction
  • Venue Management including Music Activity
  • Local Marketing and the ‘Brisbane Experience’
  • Coordination of Volunteers
  • Other emerging tasks.

We can use your interest and enthusiasm for the developing stream of progressive spirituality.

Contact: Paul Inglis  or  John Everall


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