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New Lenten Studies from Greg Jenks

Travel the Slow Path – Lent 2017

Rex Hunt has kindly forwarded details of Greg Jenk’s Lenten Studies. This may be of interest to our subscribers because of its contemporary and practical focus. We already have a link under “LGreg Jenks2eading Practitioners” to Greg and that site has items of interest about his work in the Holy Land and other places. Greg is currently a scholar and Dean of St George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem and Residentiary Canon at St George’s College.

These studies are available online from: Travel the Slow Path: Lent 2017


A Progressive Christian Voice

Just a reminder to regularly go to our friends at A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia) who are encouraging contributions to public debate by promoting a generous and future-focused understanding of the Christian faith.

A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia):

  • Understands Christian opinion to be more diverse and broader than that portrayed by the media.
  • Is dedicated to contributing insights from progressive streams of the Christian faith and community.
  • Seeks to minimise the effect that powerful lobby groups have on public discourse.


A Hymn in response to the NZ Earthquake

earthquake-nzFrom Bill Wallace via Rex Hunt

I am sending this hymn to you as a response to the massive earthquake in N.Z. earlier this week. It was written after the Christchurch quake but is equally appropriate now. It has been published in the USA by World Library Publications as part of a collections of some of my hymns Singing the Sacred Vol 2.

I would be most appreciative if you could send it out to all those who are on your Progressive Christianity list. It can be sung to Lucerna Laudoniae 77 in With One Voice.

Many thanks in anticipation, Bill Wallace.

“When Earth Wakes from Out of Sleep”

When Earth wakes from out of sleep

With a terrifying shake,

Does our faith lie torn apart

Like the dwellings we forsake?

Cosmic God, each process shows

Parts of wisdom Earth well knows.


Once we thought that earthquakes came

From a god to punish wrong;

Now we know they place Earth’s plates

Where for now they should belong.

Cosmic God, each process shows

Parts of wisdom Earth well knows.


If we think that all that comes

Is made solely for our good,

We have placed ourselves above

Cosmic ways and livelihood.

Cosmic God, each process shows

Parts of wisdom Earth well knows.


If Earth’s plates now need to move,

Its great need exceeds our own,

And it does not take account

Where we choose to make our home.

Cosmic God, each process shows

Parts of wisdom Earth well knows.


For the answers we return

To the Cosmos and its ways,

Ways that humble all our pride,

Ways that fill our hearts with praise.

Cosmic God of everything,

Your great mystery now we sing.


Advent/Christmas Carol adaptation for Refugee Children

Rex Hunt has passed this on to us:

Our New Zealand friend, Shirley Erina Murray, harefugee-childrens sent me this song which reflects on Refugee children during the Advent/Christmas season. You may care to consider using it sometime soon. Thank you Shirley.

“Carol of the Refugee Children” (Tune: ‘Cradle Song’)

Away and in danger,

no hope of a bed,

the refugee children,

no tears left to shed

                look up at the night sky

                for someone to know

                that refugee children

                have no place to go.       

The babies are crying,

their hunger awakes,

the boat is too loaded,

it shudders and breaks;

                humanity’s wreckage

                is thrown out to die,

                the refugee children

                will never know why.

Come close, little children,

we hold out our hand

in rescue and welcome

to shores of our land –

                in *aroha, touching

       your fear and your pain,

                with dreams for your future            

                when peace comes again.

(© Shirley Erena Murray 2016)

*Maori for ‘warm embracing love’, alternative line “in touching, in healing’


John Churcher’s 2015 Lenten Studies now available

Progressive Christianity Lent Course 2015

On the Edge

One again John Churcher has provided us with a set of excellent studies for Progressive Christians. These are available in PDF format.  To request a free copy, contact me at click here.


Week One:   Mark 1: 9 – 11 The baptism of Jesus: contradictory Gospel stories

Week Two:   Mark 8: 31 – 38 Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection

Week Three: John 2: 13 – 22 Jesus Cleanses the Temple: once or twice?

Week Four:   John 3:14 – 21 For God so loved the world: one of the most out of   context and misquoted verses in the whole of the Christian Testament

Week Five:   John 12:20 – 35 Passiontide and John’s Gospel


Permission to Speak is the ministry of retired Christian minister, John Churcher. It is an exploration of an emerging understanding of spirituality and of the sacred freed from the old ideas of an exclusive supernatural ‘god Being’somewhere ‘out there’.

Permission to Speak is pushing the boundaries of belief in an attempt to make the Jesus message more relevant in today’s fast changing and increasingly secular world.

Although the starting point is that Jesus of Nazareth is a gateway into the sacred, Permission to Speak respects and honours those who have found other gateways. The past in different faith traditions is important in understanding how we have arrived at the present, but Permission to Speak is more concerned with living in today’s world than with tradition. 


New Link – Personal Democracy Media

graphics-computers-832045Information provided by Daryl Taylor

Does this have a place in our nation? the churches? the community?

Technology and the Internet are changing democracy in America. This site is one hub for the conversation already underway between political practitioners and technologists, as well as anyone invigorated by the potential of all this to open up the process and engage more people in all the things that we can and must do together as citizens. We value your input and ideas.

Daryl says: “The approach of the Personal Democracy Forum (PDF) may be of interest to the Uniting Church Lay Forum. How can the Uniting Church enable/foster the full flowering and expression of people’s values and politics? Is the church capable of trusting in what might emerge from open and augmented participatory processes?  Liberation / emancipation approaches are predicated on conscientisation and community mobilisation. Effectiveness / amplification are predicated on the uptake of accessible social media tools and techniques.”

Go to the link to Personal Democracy Media to examine their manifesto. The link is located under Progressive Sources in our right hand column.

Any opinions on this? Is it already happening?


Recommended Blog – Uniting for Change

uniting for change

Uniting for Change is an online community, where ‘Faith meets Action’. It seeks to enable the Uniting Church and its service providers to act and grow together as a community, in order to encourage transformation of individuals, policy and society.

Uniting for Change is a project of UnitingCare Australia. It is one avenue of fulfilling UnitingCare Australia’s mandate to “express God’s love for all people through the Uniting Church’s commitment to supporting individuals, families and communities through advocacy, and the enhancement of community service provision.

– See more at: Uniting for Change website

or visit the Uniting for Change blog and join in the discussions on current issues.

Go to:


Call for submissions to Assembly: UCA Discussion Paper on Marriage

UCA Discussion Paper on Marriage  and Same Gender Relationships                                 

The discussion paper on marriage requested by the UCA 13th Assembly has been provided by the Doctrine Working Group for distribution and consideration.

The UCA General Secretary has issued an invitation to send submissions to the Assembly by 10 October 2014 so they can be collated and provided to the Assembly Standing Committee for its meeting in November this year.

The following link will take you to the links to pdf copies of the discussion paper and other relevant documents:


Ethics with or without God – coming soon

  Ethics Noel P
COMING SOON  Price to be announced


Ethics, with or without God: Christianity and morality in the 21st Century

Noel Preston

Across the centuries, religion and morality have been understood as cosy bed-fellows. However, to the critical observer, that relationship has long been problematic. In the first decades of the twenty-first century, a fascinating cacophony of cross-disciplinary voices has joined the debate about spirituality and morality.

Noel Preston writes as one who owns the ‘Jesus story’ as central to his faith. Nonetheless he also writes for those in the Judaeo-Christian heritage who, while continuing to value that heritage, have a grave dis-ease with traditional Christian theology, as well as concerns about the contemporary relevance of institutional religion.

More broadly, the book is for the community of those who quest for the common good, whatever their faith or non-faith. With the great challenges that face humanity, it is necessary to recover and discover a spirituality which will support us all in meeting these challenges, regardless of religious allegiance.

About the author

Noel Preston AM is an ethicist with a special interest in eco-theology and political ethics. A retired Uniting Church minister, he is formerly Associate Professor of Applied Ethics at QUT and Griffith University, Brisbane.

To Order

Mosaic Resources, 508 High Street, Preston Vic. 3072 Tel: (03) 9470 6650 Fax: (03) 9470 2381 Email:

* For Aus/NZ add postage: $4.00 one book; $8.00 two or more books; Orders of more than $200 net are freight free

Order online at to receive 15% discount


Progressive Lenten Studies from John Churcher

John Churcher

John Churcher is a retired Methodist Minister and Vice Chair of PCN Britain

John Churcher is a recently retired Methodist Minister.  His Permission to Speak website helps to share progressive Christianity beyond the confines of a traditional church pastorate. He is the author of Setting Jesus Free and Dying to Live. John’s preaching, consultancy and workshop-based activities are taking him around the UK and overseas. He is available to support and encourage  Progressive Christianity Network (PCN) Britain and similar groups.

The PCN Britain website has been added to our links.

Lenten Studies – A Journey of Faith: Moving On

A new Lent course in five parts has been written by John Churcher, vice chair of PCN Britain and is available free of charge.

This 5 week course, taking a progressive Christian standpoint, can be followed individually or in small groups.  Each session comprises reading and questions to encourage discussion and further engagement with the issues addressed. To request a PDF copy please email John.


Week One: The Nature of Spirituality


  • To affirm legitimate progressive alternatives to conventional or traditional creedal Christianity.
  • To define Spirituality and identify ways in which it differs from Religion?
  • To identify reasons why we may create the ‘God’ that ‘supports’ and encourages our prejudices, our psychological and social needs and our personal wishes.

Continue reading